Why Sailing Is Good For Your Physical Health

Sailing is more than open water or exposure to the fresh air hovering over the ocean. You can go sailing with a group, such as family and friends, or alone. What you might not know is that sailing is a wonderful way through which to stay fit.

Sailing allows you to some time alone, enjoying the quietness that the ocean brings. The benefits of sailing apply to amateur boating enthusiasts as well as sailors who work professionally on all types of yachts.

Sailing is not merely a glamorous and ritzy activity. It’s not all about wearing white shoes or putting on blazers. People who have taken part in sailing will tell you that it is smelly, dirty and rough. It takes a tough person to indulge in sailing, but even if you are not, love it.

Sailing offers an excellent opportunity for any person who desires to tone the muscles. This is because sailing means exercising, which is great for improving your physical health. Sailing is great for your body. What health benefits do you get from sailing?


Endurance and Muscle Strength

During sailing, you have to pull and host sails repeatedly. Consequently, doing these activities repeatedly improves not only your endurance levels, but also the muscle strength.

The shoulders and back improve significantly as you continue pulling or hosting the sails on the boat. If your shoulders and back have disappointed you all along, try sailing and reap the benefits.


Any risk that you have of hypertension diminishes significantly, as you take part in activities such as soccer, basketball, swimming and running.

You should now add sailing to the list of activities worth doing to improve the cardiovascular.


Agility improves when you take part in sailing. The activity improves your flexibility as well.

If you take part in sailing continuously, expect to see a huge improvement in the coordination skills of your hands and eyes. Similarly, your motor skills will improve significantly too.

Weight loss

Sailing involves intense activities. Consequently, doing these activities will mean burning more calories and fat, which leads to weight loss.

Through sailing, you take part in an exercise that benefits you not only aerobically, but also improves your muscle conditioning.

Develops bone health

During the sunny weather, taking part in sailing will lead to massive improvement in your bone health by enabling the body to produce Vitamin B optimally.

The vitamin strengthens teeth and bones while preventing rheumatoid arthritis, constant fractures and osteoporosis.

In addition to the physical benefits, sailing is effective at enabling sailors to relax. It also lowers blood pressure, especially during sunny and warm weather. Exposure to the sunlight increases the production of nitrous oxide, which the body requires to regulate blood pressure.

Therefore, you should begin taking part in sailing for a chance to see your health improve significantly. If you lack the finances needed to buy your yacht or boat, ask a friend or owner of one to allow you work on his. The health benefits that you derive from sailing make it worth the hassle.


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How Sailing Can Improve Your Mental Health


Many people feel some type of pull towards the ocean and if you’re one of those people, you might just consider sailing. While it may not be obvious at first glance, sailing can actually greatly improve your mental health.

One of sailing’s main benefits is its relaxation abilities. The soothing, constant sound of the waves lapping at your boat and the breeze blowing by is bound to make you feel at peace. Not only does it lower your stress levels and calm your nerves, it’s beautiful as well. Another largely important health benefit are the charged ions in the briny air. These charged ions help your body to raise its serotonin levels, the hormone responsible for many functions including producing the feeling of happiness.

Studies have shown a link between low serotonin levels and depression; all the more reason to go out sailing. The more time you spend out on the sea, the higher you could boost your own serotonin levels. However, the benefits don’t stop there. It also hones your brain’s ability to concentrate, much like some Nootropic supplements such as Lumonol, which is not only a useful skill on the water, but in your daily life as well. It doesn’t just enable you to be more focused on the task at hand, but at multitasking too.

What’s more, your family and friends can join you and reap these same benefits, while allowing everyone to bond over the experience, potentially solidifying and strengthening relationships. Social health is a key aspect to overall brain health, and sharing your passion for sailing with your loved ones can be a mutual benefit to all of those involved. While sailing does have many physical benefits as well, its mental health benefits are most definitely worthy of noting. Taking up sailing as a sport or hobby can not only enrich your life, but your brain health as well.